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How to Map Network Drives (Shares) on a Mac

If you are using a Windows PC, please follow this guide instead.

These steps were created using MacOS Monterrey, if you are using an older/newer version of MacOS, it may appear somewhat differently.

Please note that shared drives are only accessible on site or using the VPN

1. Open Finder, then in top menu bar, select “Go” then “Connect to Server…”

2. This will open the Connect to Server window, input an address starting with smb://data.ucdenver.pvt/dept/SOM/pharm/ - you may have more subfolders to type in depending on the drive you need to access. select the “+” in the bottom-left to save server to your favorites. Then select “Connect”

See the bottom of this article for a listing of Pharmacology shared drives.

3. You will see a confirmation pop-up, click "Connect" again. 

4. This will open a dialog in which you input your university credentials. You may also want to check the box “Remember this password in my keychain” and click “Connect”

5. Once connected it will open a finder window displaying folders you have permission to access. To save (map) this connection for using later, go to the top menu bar and select Finder > Preferences.

6. In the “Finder Preferences” window check the “Connected Servers” box. This will create an icon for the shared drive you are connected on your Desktop.  You can drag the icon to any place that helps you locate it in the future such as your dock.

Listing of Pharmacology Shared Drives

You need to be granted permission to the drive you are trying to connect to before these addresses will work!

smb://data.ucdenver.pvt/dept/SOM/pharm/All/Research/OhHare Lab/
smb://data.ucdenver.pvt/dept/SOM/pharm/pharm/Office Files/