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How to Install the Konica Minolta Printers

Using the Konica Minolta printers involves two main steps. First, installing the drivers and printer. Then setting it up to use your lab's tracking code.

The department uses tracking codes for prints and copies in order to fairly charge printer expenses in excess of $150 a year to the appropriate labs.

If you do not complete the tracking code step, you will not be able to print!

This guide is split into a Windows section and Mac Section.

  1. North Tower:
    South Tower:

Windows Guide

Start by downloading the Windows Drivers files by clicking here.

Run the Installer

1. Once the download is completed, right-click the zip file File Explorer and select "Extract All," then press the "Extract" button on the pop-up. This will give you a folder named Windows11. Open the folder and double-click on "Setup64.exe"


2. Check the "Agree" box and click Next when the program opens. Then click "Install (Manual Setting)":

3. The program will attempt to automatically find the printer, but won’t succeed. You need to click "Specify manually" choose the third option (IPv4,IPv6 Address), and type in the IP Address manually (see top of this document), then click "Next."

4. Follow the rest of the prompts to finish adding the Konica Minolta printer. Note that you can rename the printer to anything that helps you remember which printer it is.

Before you can print on Windows, there are a few more settings to change. Go back to "Printers & Scanners" and click "Manage" for your printer.

5. Search the start menu for “Printers & Scanners” and go to those settings:

6. Clickon your printer and select “Manage”

7. Select “Printer properties”

8. On this screen, click the “Configure” tab, then the “Obtain Settings…” button in the lower left. Uncheck the “Auto” box and click OK.

9. Back on the configure tab, scroll down the Device Option list, select “Account Track” and make sure it is set to “enable.”

10. Click the Settings tab and then “Authentication Settings…”


11. Check the fourth box for “Popup Authentication Dialog when printing”

12. Click OK twice, this time go to “Printing preferences”

13. Click the “Basic” tab, and then the “Authentication/Account Track...” button on the right side:

14. Enter your copier code in the password field and click OK

15. Click OK once more and the printer should now be ready to use!

Mac Guide

Start by downloading the Mac Drivers files by clicking here. (Or here if you are on MacOS Catalina or earlier)

You may not need to install these files if you have previously connected to one of the Konica Minolta 360i machines.

Open the dmg file that you downloaded (Monterey link above) earlier. Drag the pkg file to your desktop and double-click it. Leave all the default settings as you click through the prompts.

Now go to system preferences:

And open the Printers menu

On this page you will:

  1. Click the + icon in the lower left
  2. Click the Globe icon in the center at the top
  3. Type in the ip address of the printer you want to install (see top of document)
  4. Click the “Use” dropdown menu and change it to “KONICA MINOLTA C360i PS”
  5. Click OK
  6. Click Add

Now open Microsoft Word and press CMD+P as if to print a blank page.

Select “Copies & Pages” and change it to “Output Method”

On the next pop-up screen, check the box for “Account Track.” Then put in your copier code for the password and check the box for “Save Settings” before pressing OK twice.

Back on the main printing pop-up, change the preset to “Save Current Settings as Preset…” Name it something easy to remember and use that preset each time you print.

Close the print pop-up and Microsoft Word and the printer should now be ready to use!