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How to Retrieve and Set Up the OWL and/or Laptop

Note: The OWL needs to be reserved using the department's equipment reservation system, please see this article on reserving the OWL before retrieving it.

  1. The OWL and Laptop are kept in locker BM2-13 at the entrance to the labs in the north tower. These lockers are immediately to your right when entering the lab from the elevators (close to P18-6205).

  2. Use the code you received to unlock the padlock on locker BM2-13 and retrieve the equipment. (The code is emailed when you reserve the OWL). Re-lock the locker before you leave.
  3. Place the OWL on the conference room table between 3 and 8 feet away from the screen. Plug in the power and USB cables into the bottom of the OWL.
  4. Plug the power cable into a wall socket and the USB cable into the computer running the meeting.
  5. Start your meeting and make sure that the OWL is selected for video, microphone, and speakers.
  6. To show the meeting on the screen, connect the same computer to the projector with an HDMI cable or USB-C adapter (provided with the OWL).
  7. If you are using the departmental laptop, the generic username and password are labeled near the touchpad. If you connect to Wi-fi, you can also sign into this laptop using your University account. Please use the supplied charging cable since the laptop does not charge while in the locker.
  8. After your meeting/reservation is finished, please neatly pack the OWL back in the box and return the items to locker BM2-13 and re-engage the padlock.