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How to Scan to Email with the Konica Minolta Printers

If you have your email box saved on the Konica Minolta machine(s), you scan quickly to your email address.

Setting up Scanning

First, you will need your lab's copy code. Your PI should have this code, but Matthew can help find this as well. These codes are used for keeping track of printer usage.

1. Go to the printer you would like to scan with and enter the 4-digit copy code.

2. Press the physical "Fax/Scan" button on the bottom row

3. To check if you've already registered your email, you can tap the sets of letters (email addresses are sorted by first name)

4. If you don't see your name, you can register your email by tapping the dark blue "Addr.Reg." button.

5. Tap "New" in the bottom left

6. Tap the black box next to "Address Type" and select "E-mail"

7. Tap the black box next to "Name" and type in your name (first name first, then last name)

8. Tap the black box next to "E-mail" and enter your email address
To get the @ symbol, you need to use "shift" on the virtual keyboard

9. Tap "Register" in the bottom-right and you now have quick access to your email address from this scanner.

Scanning after Setup

To scan a document, follow these steps:
  1. Place the document in the top feeder
  2. Enter your copy code
  3. Press physical "Fax/Scan" button
  4. Select your name from the address book
  5. Press the physical "Start" button
The document will show up in your inbox from the machine.