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How to Fix Encumbered POs

CU Finance Systems

What is an encumbered PO?  An encumbered PO is an order that has not been completely fulfilled, and the ST funds used for the order are not usable because they’re reserved until the full amount of the order has been spent.   How do I find the order?  Anyo...

Concur Report Naming Conventions

CU Finance Systems

When submitting reports in Concur, the University requires the name of the report to follow the conventions outlined below: P-Card: [Year]-[two-digit month]_[Last name][First letter of first name]-[PCard] Example: 2024-09_KovacA-PCard Travel: [Year]-[two-...

How to Create Travel Requests

CU Finance Systems

This guide was created to show you how to get quotes through Concur, what documentation you need for your travel request, and how to submit your request. Please submit your request once your travel dates are finalized. Getting Quotes Before requesting trav...

How to Find and Use the Pharmacology Internal Webpage

General IT Help

The Department of Pharmacology has an Internal website to make it easy to find department forms, events, and other information. Hosting internal resources in this way is also better security practice. On the department's public website, the Resources tab has n...

How to Use the Pharmacology Equipment Reservation System

General IT Help

The Equipment Reservation system is used to schedule various equipment owned by the Department including: Spinning Disk Confocal Department Incucytes OWL Conference cam Department Laptop Epi/Slide Scanner Zoom Room L18-6121 2-Photon Scope In order ...

How to Retrieve and Set Up the OWL and/or Laptop

General IT Help

Note: The OWL needs to be reserved using the department's equipment reservation system, please see this article on reserving the OWL before retrieving it. The OWL and Laptop are kept in locker BM2-13 at the entrance to the labs in the north tower. These loc...

How to Scan to Email with the Konica Minolta Printers

General IT Help

If you have your email box saved on the Konica Minolta machine(s), you scan quickly to your email address. Setting up Scanning First, you will need your lab's copy code. Your PI should have this code, but Matthew can help find this as well. These codes are u...

How to Install the Konica Minolta Printers

General IT Help

Using the Konica Minolta printers involves two main steps. First, installing the drivers and printer. Then setting it up to use your lab's tracking code. The department uses tracking codes for prints and copies in order to fairly charge printer expenses...

How to Map Network Drives (Shares) on a PC

IT Windows Support

If you are using a Mac, please follow this guide instead. 1. Open File Explorer (folders app), right-click on "This PC" and select "Map network drive..." 2. This will open the “Map Network Drive” dialog box. Select a letter to use for the drive (I'm using ...

How to Map Network Drives (Shares) on a Mac

IT Mac Support

If you are using a Windows PC, please follow this guide instead. These steps were created using MacOS Monterrey, if you are using an older/newer version of MacOS, it may appear somewhat differently. Please note that shared drives are only accessible on site ...

How to Re-install Global Protect (VPN)

IT App Support

1. In the type here to search box, type in add or remove programs and press enter. You should see a window that looks like this:​2. Scroll down until you see Global Protect.​3. Click on GlobalProtect and click on Uninstall, then on Uninstall again​4. Click yes...


Adobe Licenses Explained

IT App Support

Starting in June, changes will be made to the current university Adobe license. These changes for the Anschutz Medical Campus include Adobe Acrobat Pro licenses available for faculty and staff by request at no cost and the Adobe Creative Cloud software suite a...

How to Install Microsoft Office 365 (Now called Apps 365)

IT App Support

This article will walk you through installing the Office 365 (also referred to as "O365") suite using your University email account. If you already have a version Office installed on your computer, you will need to uninstall it before completing the following...

How to Install Adobe Acrobat (& Other Adobe Apps)

IT App Support

Before you begin, make sure you have an active license for either the Creative Cloud suite or Adobe Acrobat. The University no longer licenses Adobe products to specific computers, it is now licensed to users. Matthew can check to see your license status and p...

Docusign 101

IT App Support

DocuSign is a HIPPA-compliant resource that allows users to view, create, send, manage, and sign documents electronically. Use the links below to learn more about DocuSign. Want sending and template access? Fill out this form to request access. DocuSign vs A...

University Issued PCs - New Computer Guide

IT Windows Support

Whether you are a new employee, getting an upgrade to an old computer, or switching from Mac to Windows, this guide will help you get started with your new PC on the CU Network. Preparing to Transfer If you are a current employee moving from an old computer,...

Remote User First Time Login - PC

IT Windows Support

Make sure that IT has set up your computer for this feature before following these steps. You should see the following icon on the Windows login screen in the bottom right corner (next to your wifi/internet icon):  Make sure you are connected to a Wi-Fi netwo...

How to Use a Dell Docking Station

IT Windows Support

To use monitors with your laptop, start by connecting laptop using the black Docking Station cable: Note: While there are two ways to connect, the first method is preferred. Only use the second method if you do not have any USB-C ports on your computer. Newer...

How to Find your PC's Network Name

IT Windows Support

Network names are important to help technicians identify and troubleshoot issues with your computer. If you are asked to find your computer name, here are the best ways to find your computer's network name. Newer computers follow a format along the lines of: D...

How to Reactivate Duo

Accounts & Security

If you receive a new phone and you can no longer "send a push" via Duo, follow the instructions below to reactivate the Duo app with your new phone. Alternatively, if the Duo app on your phone tells you that you need to reconnect your account, these instructio...